Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello Blogging World!

Well, I finally gave into the pressure and created a blog!  But only because I actually have a little something to talk about! We are expecting our first baby and I just wanted to get all the details out there.  Our first ultrasound was yesterday and the ultrasound tech couldn't have been more pleasant!  A little change from how the naval hospital has been before. There are so many pregnant women in Jacksonville that the OB/Gyn is always super busy. Sometimes you feel like a herd of cattle....which is a great feeling when your belly is growing! :]
Anyways... I'm 18 weeks along and it's a boy! TJ's so happy, and I'm really excited too, I've always thought a boy would be fun (and they still have really really cute clothes)!  He's very healthy and only weighs nine ounces right now. But he sure is photogenic! The tech said that typically the little guys move around so much that she has a hard time seeing everything she needs to see, but our little guy was ready for it! She also told us that typically women have to be 20-22 weeks along for her to see all the organs and bones that she needs to, but everything was crystal clear! What a miracle technology is.  I wish that I could have an ultrasound everyday! It was the most awesome thing I have ever experienced.  The best part of the whole visit was watching him up on screen. He kept his hands up over his head, kind of like he was covering his face and at one point he moved one down and he waved at us. It was such a special moment, just simply amazing.  I just can't wait to meet him! Oh, also...the due date is March 28th and as for a name, his first name will be Kemper. TJ found it in a book he read and has always liked it. It's actually an old celtic name that means warrior.  As for middle names....I'm still working on that one.
Well..thats all the update I have for right now, bear with me as I learn this whole blogging thing :]