Thursday, March 24, 2011

twenty four rambles.

1. I turned 24 on the 21st, My husband took me out for sushi (which I love and he tolerates) and a movie... Paul. He also bought me a beach cruiser in light blue.

2. After seeing Paul, I want to live in an imaginary world and hang out with a pot smoking Seth Rogen alien.

3. I think my dad would be proud that at a point in the movie, they walk into a bar and I immediately whispered... "this is the song from the bar in Star Wars".

4. Also, Dad... when I hear songs on the radio, I can sometimes be caught singing the Weird Al lyrics instead of the real ones.

5. My hair curls in the back but not the front, prompting some of the young women in youth group to tell me that its a hot mess.

6. I never think I'm that short (5'2") until I happen to be in a large crowd and can't see a damn thing because I'm short.

7. I've become obsessed with fashion blogs... mostly because I think, what do these girls do all day? Dress weird, take pictures, edit pictures then blog it.... super fulfilling life.

8. I have hit my car on our garage about three times... so far. We've lived here since August. I'll do an actual picture post with the results of one of the crashes.

9. Speaking of cars and hitting things, I've been in three major car accidents, totaled all three cars. None of which were my fault, I just have amazing timing.

10. I've been sober for three years now. Except for caffeine... I just have a hard time giving things up.

11. I haven't been back to Maryland in about two and 1/2 years, and I'm itching to get back. I know a lot of people who hate it there, but I grew up there, I feel like being from Maryland is apart of me.

12. My sister is in Germany, and I miss the freaking crap outta her. Plus she's dating ( Hi Anne... I'm calling you out!) I just wish it was easier to travel to Europe with a 2 year old.

13. Kemper will be two soon. Which means I've been a mom for almost two years. Which does not seem real at all.

14. After living with TJ, a very manly man, Kemper, a almost two very much a boy toddler, and two stupid boy dogs... I've become extremely girly.

15. Durango is a beautiful town, in a beautiful area, but it won't ever be the same as the beach to me.

16. Yesterday while out, a guy asked us for restaurant recommendations. I like that I'm a local now.

17. We went on a family bike ride and I didn't take any pictures, does that make me a lazy blogger, or lazy mom? I think it just makes me forgetful.

18. We canceled our cable and have accounts with Netflix and Hulu plus. I think we watch more TV now than we did when we had it.

19. I've pushed a lot of people away in my life, and I regret that so much. And I'm terrible at making friends, which makes moving to a new place a hard thing to go thru.

20. I've become more convinced that I should've lived in the 70's. I love the style, the house decor, the music! I loooove the music.

21. I read a ton of blogs, I comment on few. I'm trying to fix this, so I don't feel like such a stalker.

22. I really want an iPad. I don't care how trendy they are, the commercials totally work on me.

23. I'm looking around for a screen printing kit so I can start making stuff. And probably open up an etsy store. In a totally cliche way, but I expect no one to mention that.

24. Some people complain about sharing a bed once you get married, I think its the best part. I think those people have never gone thru a deployment.

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Japan

"Give says the little stream. Give oh give, give oh give. Give says the little stream as it hurried down the hill. I'm small I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still. Singing singing all the day, give away oh give away."

Donate here. Or the many other charities.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick

Heres a picture from Design*Sponge. Green has been my favorite color lately, specifically the really bright lime green. Wouldn't it be great to eat corned beef in this dining room?

I wonder if St. Patrick rolls in his grave every March, or if he enjoys watching drunk Americans make dumbasses of themselves? Either way, I love St. Patricks day. I love the color green, all the leprechaun mischief, bands like the Dropkick Murphys, watching movies that have an irish person in them.... all of it. And best of all is I met TJ whilst eating corned beef and cabbage three years ago. We didn't date right away, but we met, and there were sparks. So I hope everyone is having a good time celebrating. We're having the missionaries over since I already knew what I'd be cooking tonight. And Kemper and I are watching Planet 51... you know because the aliens are green.
I'll write a Kemper post soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

mom and dads family room

Maybe one day I'll actually write a real post again. But here is a mood board I came up with for my mom and dads family room. It was a formal sitting room but now it will be a place to gather and hang out. It has beautiful carpet that is a burgundy color. I would personally change it out, if I could. But since thats not usually practical, we're going to design around it.

The couch, lamp and bamboo chair are all from Ikea. Everything else was in the mydeco boutique. I'm thinking of trying to recreate the bird art. And picking up similar fabric to the pillows instead of buying them. I think that the chevron fabric would make great curtains, that we'll either try to find fabric ourselves or on Etsy. The walls are currently a dusty pink color and I think they should be a white or possibly even an off white/grey.