Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

Our Christmas was great. Lots of time with family, lots of food, lots of paper. And our evil tree made it through. But now we're not watering it so we can burn it. Burn baby burn! Kemper didn't nap all Christmas day so by the time we went to dinner, he was a wreck. He did not want to be at the restaurant and made sure everyone knew it. My parents came down the day after Christmas and brought presents. Kemper got a kitchen from Ikea and loves it. He's going to be the next best chef, I'm hoping something like Duff from Ace of Cakes. Anyways. Tj spoiled me, and I got everything I wanted. But mostly I was happy to spend the holiday with him and not via Skype.

It snowed a few days before.

TJ's dad, Teddy dressed up as Santa on Christmas Eve. Kemper wasn't really sure what to think.
Opening presents like a pro! He wasn't really sure what to think, and I think the whole day overwhelmed him. But he loves all his new stuff.

Let it Snow

Its snowing again, which is good because its been unusually warm here. And luckily I have lots to do in the house today. Because I do not feel like going out. I just want to curl up in front of the TV with my Freaks and Geeks box set. I'd like my TV area to look like this:

So maybe I'll start working on that. What do your TV centers look like?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

And the picture won't rotate, making me believe even more, that it's evil.

Our Christmas tree is not something very special this year. It's special in that its decorated and presents are starting to add up under it. But I'm convinced its evil. It is an evil tree sent to us by some one like Jack the Pumpkin King. First its crooked. The bottom part of the trunk is straight and then somewhere father up it takes a turn left. So just putting it up was frustrating. And its some type of Scottish Fir, which now means to me that it's a death tree. When trying to decorate it the needles were so sharp, it was like being attacked by a tree with real sewing needles on it. We thought that would go away, that it was just freshly cut and would soften up. Nope. It still sucks if we have to hang an ornament back on it.
And the other night while unplugging the lights before going to bed, it fell on me. But really I think it jumped and attacked me. And then I yelped for TJ and when we finally got the thing re-situated, my arms looked like I had been bitten by a thousand fleas from the sharp little needles.

And now its decided to die on us so the needles are everywhere, and my son feeds them to the dog which can't be good at all. Also, Kemp thought it was a good idea to take a bite of a glass ornament.... don't worry, he's fine and was relatively unscratched. But really??

Hope everyone's holidays are going well. I'm enjoying a winter wonderland, but I think I got excited for Christmas too soon and now I'm a little bah humbug. It happens every year. But the fresh snow helps. What do you do to enjoy the season?

Monday, December 6, 2010

wish list

Here are a few of my hoping for's this season:

hair cut



So Kemper had his first hair cut ever last Thursday. And there's no one in town that would cut his hair, so TJ did it. And I'm sure most of you out there are singing praises that we finally cut his hair so you're welcome.

He did really well, we decided to use clippers and just take it all off instead of trying to trim it. So I pinned his arms down while TJ took to his head. He did pretty good for the most part, there was minimal screaming, but then he started to try and climb up me, so I ended up holding him. Which was a stupid idea. First, yes we have the hair factor. So I was covered in hair. And he was crying, so we can add tears and snot to the mixture. And I guess his diaper failed him too so now I'm covered in pee. A lot of pee. It was dripping and puddling on my arm. I can't tell you how awesome it was.... at least when people call him a little girl, I can really tell them they're crazy.

In other Kemper news: When TJ picked up him from nursery (his class during church with 18 mo. olds to 3 years olds), he looked thru the window to the classroom. The kids were sitting in front of the teacher singing some song with hand movements, but TJ didn't see Kemp. So he looked around the room and there he was in the corner running around in a circle with the toy vacuum cleaner, screaming. At least he was helping to clean.