Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I seriously hate titles. I never know what to put up there. Anyways, there's a big possibility that we will be moving out of this house and into another one once TJ is home for good. So... that little info put a big stop on me decorating. I don't see the point...
But for my next living room... I'm think of doing something like this:
I think it will be fitting, because while we'll still be in Durango, we won't be in town... we'll be about 5 miles out of town right on the mountain. Like, the last house on the road before you get to dirt roads and hiking trails.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not even sure what to title this. But I just wanted to get the news out. I took my mom in to the ER yesterday morning because she had been having severe back pain, her balance was off and she was having some trouble walking. After being there all day, they did an MRI and found what appears to be a tumor on her spinal cord. So they kept her overnight and she has been flown in to a hospital in Denver to see a neurologist specialist. As of right now I'm staying in town until I hear more news. No one really knows enough to tell us anything, what it is, what they're going to do etc. So all I can do is wait. And pray, and ask for you all to pray for her and the doctors too.

So, the more I repeat this, the more it doesn't sound like much, but to us it really is. We have a little bit more information. The doctor still wants to look over all of her MRI's to compare to the ones last night. But its not a tumor, its a lesion that has ruptured and is huge. Which is actually kinda good. Before it was so small that if the operated, it would have been fatal. So she's been living in pain. But now, that its so much bigger, it will be easier for them to remove it. So... no news on when the surgery will be, but there will be surgery.

I feel like these updates don't have much information in them, but its as much as we know. First, thank you all for your support and prayers. The lesion is too swollen for them to safely operate on right away. So they are going to release her, and send her back to Durango to be in rehabilitation for 4-6 weeks and then go back for the surgery. The swelling is making enough pressure that she can not walk on her own, so thats another reason for rehab/physical therapy. Now we're just still waiting on the doctors to tell us when she'll be released, either tomorrow or Friday. And then its a 7 hour drive. So we'll see how this all works out...

**The doctors now decided to keep her in Denver and she'll be doing all the physical therapy there. Hopefully this means the doctors will be able to do the surgery sooner, but we still don't really know dates or time frames. Again thank you all for your kind words and prayers, it really means so much to us.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The white stuff

And I drove yesterday (not a good idea)! So thats all new snow!

If THIS doesn't make you laugh... come on.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like yada yada yada

This picture is pure hilarity.

Thats the wiseman that gave me a bruised eye.

So... we've decorated for Christmas, but without a tree. I have two table trees, but thats it. We'll probably do one next year, but Kemper won't remember if there was a tree or not this year, and he would just try to climb it and eat it and play in the water... so no tree this year. Call me a Scrooge, a grinch. Whatever.

Also I am in a scrooge attitude this year. I just don't feel like Christmas with out TJ. I'm going through the motions, and thats not fair to Christmas... but whatever. We've got about 4 1/2 more months to go... I can do it.

Kemper man is 8 months now and can crawl like no ones business, he likes to walk on his hands and feet. He can pull himself up to stand on anything and everything, and he will be a climber, I'm sure of it. Most people tell me that he'll be walking by 9 months. He gets the whole one foot in front of the other thing, but I think it'll be longer than a month before he's walking on his own. We'll see I guess....

And who else thinks the internet is stupid? I enjoy buying stuff online (I don't even have to get dressed to feed my spending money addiction? yes please!), I like that I can keep up with the news, with friends all over the world, and I can email my husband. But recently I've been getting harassed. Private messages on facebook, anonymous comments on old posts here, old "friends" facestalking and gossiping. When does it stop people. Its just sad... I am not that interesting. Please, take interest in someone else. Like, now.

Okay.... I know I had more to get out but that will be it for now. I'm doing great, but I just needed to get a few things out.