Friday, March 26, 2010


1. I don't share very much of myself online, so don't always assume that you know me. Because we know what ass-u-me-ing does...

2. I like this town, and I'm glad to live here. But sometimes I feel that I missed out not living on base or near base during this deployment. Its a lifestyle, being a military family, that most civilians don't understand, because they don't have to. And I'm not looking for people to pity me, or tell me how much respect they have for us, I want someone whose in the same boat to talk to. At least its almost over (less than a month but I'm not supposed to say on the internets because apparently terrorists read blogs and facebook)

3. Just about every day I come up with a new business idea, usually some form of a bakery, cafe, or some kind of shop. And one day, I'll open it up..... one day.

4. I'm a magazine-aholic. That shiny paper just calls to me. And then I have more than I know what to do with.

5. Usually once you get me talking, I just can't stop. It always happens to TJ, when he's home, right before we fall asleep at night. I have a lot to say once my head hits that pillow.

6. I used to love snow, because usually in MD it snows, everyone gets out of work and school, and we play in it. You're not expected to be anywhere. Here, three feet is normal, and almost never do things close. And you're expected to be places. At least its not as cold as being in a humid state.

7. I will never give up eating Ben and Jerrys. Ever. Preferably Imagine Whirred Peace

8. The show 16 and pregnant on MTV annoys the crap out of me. They always talk about how hard it is to be pregnant at that age, or to be a mom at that age. And I yell at the screen, then don't have sex!! DUH! Also, when is it not hard to be a mom?? Seriously.

9. I really want a pet chameleon. And yeah, I'd probably name it Boy George.

10. I don't think its ridiculous at all to want a whole room dedicated to being a closet. I like a lot of room when I dress, you know, for dancing in front of the mirror.

11. I know a lot of useless information. And most of it has to do with movies, or TV.

12. I'm a good friend to have, because I have no problem telling you if you look weird or are being stupid.

13. I still can't believe I've been a mom for almost a whole year.

14. I really like trying new foods. But if I have to cook the new food, I don't like that as much. I'd rather someone else do it, or just go to a restaurant.

15. I know that Seriously so Blessed is fake. And that is supposed to be a spoof and its funny... to some people. It just annoys me to no end. Not even because I'm offended, I get the humor. Its just annoying.

16. I get way too attached to TV shows. And movies stress me out.

17. I think Kemper has sucked all the creativity out of me. I'm just on a huge creative block and its frustrating.

18. My view of recycling and buying local and saving the planet and all that "green" goodness is this: we are told to take care of our minds and bodies, we're taught to take care of our house, then why would you trash the planet that you live on? Even if it's all a part of the overall plan, we don't treat our bodies that way.

19. One day I hope to make my dream of being organized a reality.

20. I hope to have a crab feast in the near future. I love how long it takes to even get close to full at a crab feast, I love the whole experience. And I love how barbaric it can be. Sometimes it just feels good to get your food with a knife and a mallot.

21. Speaking of food, I'm in love with Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution. I can't wait to watch the rest of it, and I'm going to finally make more of an effort to change my own eating habits.

22. Also, food wise, I want to raise our own chickens. So bad. Its a little sad that I dream of waking up to fresh eggs. Did you know there's a kind of chicken that lays pastel green and blue eggs, thats like Easter eggs everyday! Amazing! I also want to have my own herb garden and veggie garden. Throw in a few fruit trees and we're set!

23. When TJ asked me on our first date, it wasn't actually a date date. He was going to the Cherry Blossom Festival for a DINFOS class. We'd met when the Newey's brought him to our house for dinner. And he figured he'd take a chance and ask me to go. He liked me, but figured I'd say no. And that would've been alright, because he had a girlfriend. But I still count it as a date since after that we spent every minute we could together (awwwhh). I'll save the rest of "our story" for another post. Its interesting to me, so thanks for reading :]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

in the white room...

...with black curtains near the station...

Anyways, when TJ and I eloped (people knew we were getting hitched, but it was just us at the courthouse so basically... we eloped) my granny sent us a nice fat check. It was better than any gift we could've got really (other than the crib she later bought us) because we were able to go to Ikea and completely furnish our apartment.

When we got to the bedroom furniture, it was time to decide, how did we want our bedroom set up? What kind of mood, vibe etc did we want? My lover told me he wanted the room to be welcoming and inviting. I agreed, I think the bedroom should be a retreat. So he said that he wanted the whole room to be white. Warm, welcoming, inviting... white?
At first I thought I'd just ignore that and pick out whatever I liked, but I compromised and all of our bedding is white, with a bunch of different textures. And I love it! So, the reason you read this long rambling is because I've been thinking about our upcoming move a lot, and re-decorating another house. But keeping the white bedroom and I've been collecting inspiration. And there's lots of it out there.

Also, question: Did your significant other help with the decorating? Or did they tell you to pick out whatever you like? Or did they want to do it all, and you sat back and let them? Just curious...

This isn't a bedroom, but I want a closet that looks like this. A girl can dream right?