Saturday, October 31, 2009

another kemper first: halloween

Happy Halloween all! Like most mormons today, we had our trunk or treat along with a chili potluck. Kemper was an awesome cowardly lion, I even got him to growl at a few people. He does it all the time at home, but when he has an audience, he gets a little shy. He loved wearing his costume, mostly because there was fur for him to chew on. After the activity was over we headed home and I've just been enjoying watching The Witches for the evening. I'm sure he would've liked more trick or treating, but it's pretty cold and it's not like we would be collecting candy. I haven't heard any hooligans outside either, so I won't have to clean up eggs or toilet paper :] Hope everyone had a fun and safe night!

Anastasia(Aunt and SIL) dressed as Sully, I loved rubbing her stuffed pillow belly. I guess that might've been a little weird..

Some of the trunk or treating... All of the kids here are very polite, they all said trick or treat, and then thank you! So cute.

I am the kiiing of the forrrrressssst!

terrorizing the cat.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kemper's first snow.

I guess since I grew up on the east coast, in Maryland, it's still a shock to me that today is the first snow. It's four days before Halloween, and theres a blanket of white stuff on the ground. I feel silly having fall decor up, this feels like the shortest fall ever, I'm not used to snow before December. I shouldn't be surprised, because we live in the mountains, but I still am. But this snow is pretty awesome. Its not slushy, and it isn't melting right away, and its still snowing out. It's supposed to for the next couple days. If Kemper was older, we'd be out building a snowman and making forts and having a snowball fight, but he didn't really seem up for all that.

This morning when I went in to get him up for the day, he was just sitting quietly playing with his stuffed Tigger. And greeted me with a growl and stuck out his tongue. TJ doesn't need to worry about me turing him girly in his absence, I don't think I could if I tried. Then we had breakfast and got our boots, coats and hats on and headed out the door. I was really excited to see how Kemp would react. He had the most serious face I've ever seen the entire time. He didn't cry, or smile. He was just taking it all in, trying to figure out "what the zeppelin" it all was. I don't think he was so sure of what to think of his snow suit either (and when I first put it on him, all I could think of was "I can't put my arms down!!!" from A Christmas Story). He just stared at the white stuff, touched it a little bit and then looked at me as if to say " This is what you got excited about? This cold white stuff? Thats it???" So we headed inside.

Its starting to melt now, but it's still coming down, so maybe there will be more to come.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

photo wink

Heres a sneek peak that we got from our lovely photographer, Jan Schill. She did pictures of me and Kemper for our Christmas pictures. I love her! If any of you are ever in the Durango area, check her out!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 months and some

Kemper turned 6 months on October 2nd. He hasn't gained much weight, but the doctor told me that's pretty normal in breast fed babies and with how active he is. And holy cow is he active. He can get anywhere he wants to now, but he isn't crawling, yet. He kind of throws himself across the room, I think he looks a lot like an inch worm. And he can sit up all by himself. He was excited about it the first time, and now he does it like its nothing.
He's teething, and he's extra cranky because of that, but nothing a little cuddle won't fix (which I love). He growls at people, and won't smile at strangers. And if he does smile, its a quick one before his tongue is sticking out. And it takes a lot to make him laugh.

Other than Kemper stuff, not much has been going on. I haven't felt like doing much since TJ went back, I've just been super unmotivated. I did already have Christmas pictures done, so hopefully I'll actually get those sent out this year. I'm sure once it starts snowing here (which its kind of snowing today...) I'll want to stay inside and get things done. The weather has been so gorgeous I'd rather just be outside. But once it starts getting really cold, and snowing, I'm sure I'll get stuff done. And maybe post updated pictures of the inside of our house.

Here are some pictures which are in no particular order:

Some views from the yard. Thats the top of one of the mountains.

Hopefully he likes this better next year, I love leaf piles!

This is my favorite picture of us so far.

He would much rather chew on the packaging than play with his new toys.

He usually spits all of his dinner on me. must.stop.laughing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey Beautiful

Hey Beautiful is the theme song for How I Met Your Mother, and the band, The Solids, are actually the writers of the show. ANyways, this video makes me giggle like no other, so I'm sharing. Happy Monday. Maybe I'll write a real post this week..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jim and Pam forever!

So, I've pretty much been glued to the TV every Thursday night watching Jim and Pam from The Office.. Do I think its lame I'm so obsessed with these characters? NOT AT ALL. (You should see how I am with How I Met Your Mother).

I've been on Team Jim forever, and at times mad at Pam that they were together and she was with her stupid fiance Roy. Engaged ain't married!*

And I hated when Jim confessed his love and Pam rejected him! And then he left to another office, and I thought about not watching anymore. But he came back and they got together and its just been one big mush-fest since then.

And tonight they're tying the knot! And have a baby on the way! I can't wait. If TJ were here we'd have a pizza and rootbeer and he'd make fun of how excited I am. I miss my "Jim" :]

* I'm not one to break up relationships, I completely respect them. But one day I'll write about how when I met and started dating TJ he had a girlfriend, and also had a ring for her.

Monday, October 5, 2009


... should have a creepy section. Just sayin, people make weird things. Really weird things. I wish I could remember what weird thing inspired me to blog about it.

I keep forgetting everything. I can't find my house keys and I can barely hold a conversation.

Also, I would like everything in this shop. Thank you.