Thursday, May 28, 2009


So how late is too late to send out announcements? Should I just not do them at all? Myabe I should focus more on actually making them than blogging about it...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you want some cheese with that whine?

I just feel like blogging random thoughts, and most of them seem to be me complaining/venting/whining... so read at your own risk!

  • I miss Maryland. I never thought I would. When I left I had cut ties with almost all of my friends (on purpose and not on purpose), I hated my job, I had nothing left there anymore and was ready to move forward. But now I find myself missing that little east coast state more and more. I can't wait to go back and visit.
  • Today I had bank trouble (I have somehow gotten our account locked). Its easily fixable but just the fact that I can't call TJ or email him to get some quick answers frustrated the hell out of me. I can't even call to yell at him, and I mean sometimes I really need that. He's my someone to vent to, so now the internet gets it.
  • I also can't stand that everyone likes to point out how hard my life must be right now. I know they mean well, but really... I KNOW. It sucks but I need to focus on all the good that is coming out of this trial...
  • A good note: I love seeing Kemper's smile. And knowing that he knows who I am. He recognizes me in the morning and smiles and coo's. And when he hears my voice and he's not with me he fusses until I hold him. I love the bond that we're forming.
  • I'm just gonna say it... I MISS SEX. Not just because its awesome, but also because I miss the hubster. I just miss being able to be close and even just holding hands. I don't know how you other ladies do it how you make it through multiple deployments. I feel like a wuss whining through this one.
  • And okay, I really am pretty optimistic most days. I feel myself growing in the gospel and I love that I'm getting closer with our Heavenly Father again. I'm also becoming my independent self again, I always have been, but not having TJ to depend on has really made me have to be strong. Its a good thing.
  • I don't cry everyday, so yay! I'm starting to feel slightly normal again.
  • I love my Gyno Dr. Her office is at a salon and day spa...How awesome is that? I think more doc's should think about doing that.
  • I realize that most of my blog posts have become complaining... but, its just a phase. And like I said TJ is the person I always vent to, so now its the internet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Love you Ma

Mothers Day! I hope it was good for everyone. At church during the last hour, all the men made and served us a waffle brunch! It was awesome, and I think it should be a worldwide rule! Then all the Hermesman clan met up at TJ's grandparents and we had a speggetti dinner. It was great to just celebrate with everyone, I love the family get-togethers. And the best mothers day present was Kemper's first smile. I also got to talk with TJ this morning. He got to meet Katy Couric while she was over there. And he also met another reporter who asked if she could call someone for him so she called me to wish me a Happy Mothers Day and tell me that he's doing well.

Look at that cutie!
smile 2

smile 1

I love Kemper and Great-grandpa together, he's so cute with him!

He' looks so big here with Great-Gram!

This a hat that Gram knitted for him, I just love the face that hes making.
winter hat

And here we are lounging with Granpa and Auntie Alexa!
granpa ted

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wife Swap

Have you seen the show? Or Trading Spouses (they're basically the same... different networks)? Basically two families that are completely different (we're talking usually total opposites) switch wives for a week and live the other family's life. On Wife Swap the new mom gets to make a "rule change" that the family has to follow. on Trading Spouses they get to delegate how the family spends $50,000. Anyways... I don't usually get into reality shows but these shows are definitely my guilty pleasure (although admitting it on the internet doesn't make it so guilty I guess...)

So as I was watching it today I was just thinking what it would be like if I were on the show. I'd like to believe that I would be courteous and try to be open minded to the other family and their lifestyle. And that made me think, what kind of family would we be swapped with? I think that we are generally open-minded people who don't focus on any one thing too much (for example: some families are obsessed with competition ).
We would probably get swapped with an atheist family who hates the military and are vegans who sit around and play video games all day and never go outside.

SOOOO... What kind of family do you think you would get swapped with? Would you be able to deal with the different lifestyle?

In the end, the families are usually changed for the better. They realize things they need to change, and change it. Or they realize how much they love their life and appreciate it more!

Okay, its 8:30 pm ... time for bed!

Monday, May 4, 2009

One month and counting

1 month

Well, Kemper boy is one month old. I can't believe he's been here for one month! It really has gone by so fast! We've seen a couple babies born around the same time as him and Kemper looks huge compared to them! Both babies I saw were still very smushed and newborn-looking, and tiny. Kemper never was smushed and he probably outweighs the other kiddos by a pound.

Heres some photos I snapped of him playing for the first time:

whats that?

play 1

play 2

play 3

In other news.....
I feel like a celebrity at church. Everyone knows who I am, knows our whole story, all because of our "situation" is how they put it. I just think its funny that they call it that, because its not normal to them. And thats when I realized this is the first time in my life that I'm not living around the military, or people who even get the military life! I must admit I miss the "instant" friends you get when being around military folk. I never understood what that meant, until I moved away from it.
And on that note, I met a lady at church who used to be in the Ft. Meade ward 2000-2006. What a small world, she didn't really remember me but she remembered my mom (shes hard to forget) and some other sisters. Her name is Pamela Rodregiez(well that was her married name when she was at Ft. Meade). I just thought it was crazy to run into someone in Durango from Ft. Meade.... we're everywhere!