Thursday, February 25, 2010

three things

Three things I love today:

Skype: for letting me SEE my husband for the first time since September. We've talked, but I haven't actually seen him. I'm so happy that I could talk to him and see him and the connection was pretty great. Not much longer now...

C is for Cooking, Beth approved: I picked up this cookbook at Target a few weekends ago because, well probably because it looked fun and I like buying things. But it was worth it. The recipes are super simple and tasty. The simpler the better for me, so I've been enjoying the recipes. I've actually been enjoying cooking lately and it hasn't been as hard for me to think up things to make for dinner. Usually I just draw a blank on meals.
If you're interested in the book, I'll send you the few I've tried before you decide if you want to buy it!

The Apple Orchard Inn: Christal is having a baby, and I'm hosting the baby shower. And... its a Mad Hatter Tea Party! I know, how cool! I wish I could take credit in coming up with the idea, but Christal did it all herself. Well she also found this little B&B near town to have it at, instead of trying to cram everyone in my house! We go to check out the living room of the house on Monday and I'm hoping it'll be perfect for what we want.

Oh and if any of you have ideas for games, decorations, food, favors etc for the shower, PLEASE send them my way!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Kemper is 10 months today. The past couple of years have flown by so fast, I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. Just last year we were only visiting CO and I was a grumpy pregnant lady with a husband about to deploy, trying to see everything and everyone in his hometown (and I just wanted to sleep! :] love you honey). Fast forward to today: I'm a resident in CO, my husband is about 2 and 1/2 months away from returning to the states, and our baby boy is 10 months old. Its just all surreal to me.
Anyways, Kemp walks all the time now, I think I said that in my previous post. It really only took him about a week to figure it all out. So now the house gets extra messy in less time! yay!
He has six teeth, and it looks like he might be working on two more on top. He eats anything I give him, today we tested out eggs and some mango and he loved them both. Its so much fun to watch him grow. And it will only be a short time until he runs to meet daddy.

Monday, February 1, 2010


-I'm obsessed with all things interior design (I'm always thinking about it) thats why I'm including the above pictures, I'm always finding images I'd like to recreate or possibly use as inspiration. And organizing ( I want a label maker). BUT please, forget that fact when you walk into my house, I'm too tired to actually follow thru with the many many ideas bouncing in my head. And sometimes too poor.

-I have so many ideas for so many different things that I have to write them down. Then, I usually lose whatever I wrote them down on, and when I do actually find them I usually forget why I wrote it down.

-I can't even remember what I was going to write here.

-Kemper is walking. Not just toying with the idea, taking a few steps. He no longer crawls, he just walks all the time.

-I'm addicted to Diet coke. Please tell me how bad it is for me, I'll just drink another.

-My high school class is having a 5 year reunion. I have mixed feelings about it.

-I'm excited for Christal, she's having a boy!!

-I'm making this list just to blog. I actually had a whole post thought out, and now I'm tired and can't think.

-I can't believe that Jersey Shore is a real show. It makes me sad that people watch that show, enjoy that show, and that the people from that show are seen all over the red carpets. Seriously America?

- I don't think I look like a celebrity, but if I were a character on TV, I'd be Lily from HIMYM. I'm almost exactly like her.

-I love animals, but it annoys me when people refer to them like children. Its just weird.

-I can't wait for TJ to be home. And I don't know how I would've made it thru this year without Kemper.

-I listen to country music, I love country music, and I'm proud of it. I don't care if you don't like it, tell someone else.