Friday, February 27, 2009

The Baby Shower

So I was doing pretty good at the beginning of 2009 with blogging... but since we've been back home from Durango I haven't felt like doing much of anything.  I've been a lot better at actually cooking dinner before eight ( Usually TJ will give in and cook) but other than that I mostly just nap, eat and watch the 7 TV channels that we have.  I'm just saving my energy for the baby! And speaking of the little kiddo, he'll be here in about a month. My due date is March 28th and I can't believe its right around the corner. But I am so ready!! Mostly because I'm tired of being pregnant. And now we have everything ready and set up for the baby, its teasing me to stare at an empty crib all the time. Last night I asked TJ to tell the baby to get out of there haha... I'm not crazy. I won't be drinking herbal teas or eating dandelion salads to go into early labor, just thinking about labor scares the crap outta me :] I wish there was a way to just skip all that and then have a kid! Oh well.

OK... enough rambling (once I get going I can't stop!) I promised pictures of the baby shower so here they finally are. 
My first shower was in Durango at TJ's grandparents house. It was hosted by Gram, his step-mom Irina and his birth mom Aimee.  They invited all the ladies from the ward so that I could meet everyone and everyone could meet me (before that I was kind of like a myth... "TJ's cute adorable wife"). There were lots of people there and we were so blessed that everyone brought a present, actually they all brought giftcards so once we got home we were able to buy everything we wanted/needed. There was a great food selection and a huge cake. And we played the typical babyshower games: guess the belly size, name that poop (melted candybars in diapers), blindfolded diapering, and I know there was more but those are the ones that stood out :]

Grandmommy AimeeThis is Grandmommy  Aimee, TJ's biological mom. Kemper is going to have a lot of people to spoil him :] 

Christal at the showerAnd this is my BFF in Durango, Christal and I can't wait to live closer to her. I first met her in May when TJ and I went out for her wedding. I ended up catching the she's the one that got this ball rolling ;] just kidding. 

Shower guestsHere are some of the guests from the party, the redhead cheesin it up is TJ's sister Alexa... aka babysitter #1 haha.

Changing the bearThis is the blindfolded diaper game. Anastasia did really good at all the games, she was the one closest to my actually belly size!

pooppy diapersChristal and I in deep thought over the poopy diapers. This game always grosses me out but we ended up winning! I think we got 5 out of 7. I won this at the last babyshower I went to as well. When we told TJ that I won, he then proclaimed.. my wife knows her poop! He's totally getting a picture of baby's first poop :]

And there are a whole lot more pictures but I'm too lazy to post them. We had another baby shower here in North Carolina. Some of our friends had it at a restaurant and we all just ordered appetizers, drinks and talked for a few hours. It was great, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures :]

Monday, February 9, 2009

We're Back!

Well we're back from the out west, so I figured I'd try and do a re-cap. We spent the last two weeks in Durango CO, Farmington NM, and Salt Lake City/Provo UT.  And I'm a horrible blogger and took just about no photos....and I'm too lazy to even post those today :] 
  • The plane ride there and back were hellish for me, nothing too bad...I'm just happy to be back on the ground. 
  • It snowed the first night we were there!
  • I now have beautiful crocdile skin from the dry air. No matter how much body butter, mousitureizer, lotion I slathered on, it was unavoidable. Thats what I get for growing up on the humid east coast 
  • We had to say goodbye to Mr. Rocky Balboa (our dog). He has some kind of skin irritation and seperation anxiety, which means he scratches himself silly. I decided I wouldn't be able to handle him and our new born so we flew him out with us and he's living with my Dad now.
  • We had family pictures taken with TJ's mom, step-dad and siblings. And heres the part of my blog where I get to brag: The photographer asked if I would do a session of maternity photos so she can have a portfolio to show people. She's trying to start a maternity/newborn/infant package and needed a model :] nevermind that I was the ONLY preggo girl in Durango...
  • We spent most of our days catching up with/meeting a lot of TJ's friends still in the area.
  • I fell in more love with that little mountain town (Durango).
  • I had my first baby shower, put together by TJ's mom and step mom! I'll post more on that later. But I will say that we are so amazingly blessed!
  • We found out last week that TJ will be depolying in May to Afgahnistan. The original plan had been for him to go sometime this month or March, so this is better. However it will be for 10 months. I can't say I'm happy about it, but I knew what I was getting in to when I married him, and I'm so proud  that he will have the opportunity to serve his country overseas.
  • So, because of the deployment, we've decided that I will be moving to Durango. I have a much bigger support system out there than here. And I'll need all the help I can get I'm sure.
And thats about it. It was a busy two weeks so I'm glad to be back home, although I'm in major nesting mode, I'm finding plenty of time to rest ;]