Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I seriously hate titles. I never know what to put up there. Anyways, there's a big possibility that we will be moving out of this house and into another one once TJ is home for good. So... that little info put a big stop on me decorating. I don't see the point...
But for my next living room... I'm think of doing something like this:
I think it will be fitting, because while we'll still be in Durango, we won't be in town... we'll be about 5 miles out of town right on the mountain. Like, the last house on the road before you get to dirt roads and hiking trails.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not even sure what to title this. But I just wanted to get the news out. I took my mom in to the ER yesterday morning because she had been having severe back pain, her balance was off and she was having some trouble walking. After being there all day, they did an MRI and found what appears to be a tumor on her spinal cord. So they kept her overnight and she has been flown in to a hospital in Denver to see a neurologist specialist. As of right now I'm staying in town until I hear more news. No one really knows enough to tell us anything, what it is, what they're going to do etc. So all I can do is wait. And pray, and ask for you all to pray for her and the doctors too.

So, the more I repeat this, the more it doesn't sound like much, but to us it really is. We have a little bit more information. The doctor still wants to look over all of her MRI's to compare to the ones last night. But its not a tumor, its a lesion that has ruptured and is huge. Which is actually kinda good. Before it was so small that if the operated, it would have been fatal. So she's been living in pain. But now, that its so much bigger, it will be easier for them to remove it. So... no news on when the surgery will be, but there will be surgery.

I feel like these updates don't have much information in them, but its as much as we know. First, thank you all for your support and prayers. The lesion is too swollen for them to safely operate on right away. So they are going to release her, and send her back to Durango to be in rehabilitation for 4-6 weeks and then go back for the surgery. The swelling is making enough pressure that she can not walk on her own, so thats another reason for rehab/physical therapy. Now we're just still waiting on the doctors to tell us when she'll be released, either tomorrow or Friday. And then its a 7 hour drive. So we'll see how this all works out...

**The doctors now decided to keep her in Denver and she'll be doing all the physical therapy there. Hopefully this means the doctors will be able to do the surgery sooner, but we still don't really know dates or time frames. Again thank you all for your kind words and prayers, it really means so much to us.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The white stuff

And I drove yesterday (not a good idea)! So thats all new snow!

If THIS doesn't make you laugh... come on.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

its beginning to look a lot like yada yada yada

This picture is pure hilarity.

Thats the wiseman that gave me a bruised eye.

So... we've decorated for Christmas, but without a tree. I have two table trees, but thats it. We'll probably do one next year, but Kemper won't remember if there was a tree or not this year, and he would just try to climb it and eat it and play in the water... so no tree this year. Call me a Scrooge, a grinch. Whatever.

Also I am in a scrooge attitude this year. I just don't feel like Christmas with out TJ. I'm going through the motions, and thats not fair to Christmas... but whatever. We've got about 4 1/2 more months to go... I can do it.

Kemper man is 8 months now and can crawl like no ones business, he likes to walk on his hands and feet. He can pull himself up to stand on anything and everything, and he will be a climber, I'm sure of it. Most people tell me that he'll be walking by 9 months. He gets the whole one foot in front of the other thing, but I think it'll be longer than a month before he's walking on his own. We'll see I guess....

And who else thinks the internet is stupid? I enjoy buying stuff online (I don't even have to get dressed to feed my spending money addiction? yes please!), I like that I can keep up with the news, with friends all over the world, and I can email my husband. But recently I've been getting harassed. Private messages on facebook, anonymous comments on old posts here, old "friends" facestalking and gossiping. When does it stop people. Its just sad... I am not that interesting. Please, take interest in someone else. Like, now.

Okay.... I know I had more to get out but that will be it for now. I'm doing great, but I just needed to get a few things out.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did I mention...

...that Kemper is crawling? Well, he's been crawling since about 5 months, but that was this weird inch-worm hop, and he also would just throw himself at things. Now he's crawling, he also walks on his hands and feet, and pulls him self up to stand on anything that he can. Including me jeans, that then fall down. Good thing I don't have company too often, or they might be mooned!
He eats anything you put in his mouth, which is great, it makes meal time easy... but not so great when its stuff like small bits of paper on the floor from 4 months ago that he somehow manages to find.

oh... and I finally got Kemper a high chair, and yes I feel accomplished assembling it, but I'd rather it was TJ here pinching his fingers :] Love you honey!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas in the desert.

I just wanted to get the word out that I am collecting cards, letters, thank you notes, cookies, books etc. to send to Afghanistan.
My husband has been collecting names of marines and solidiers who don't get regular mail, but I want to send a ton of stuff. The morale out there, is the lowest it has been since the start eight years ago. And I know that this year, it has also been the most violent.
I want our military to know that we still care and pray for them. So.... if you would like to send out something, I can either give you the address... (it'll just go to my husband who will then take care of it) or you can send it to me and I'll send it out. OR I can give you the address for you to mail it yourself. A letter or card can just be sent out in regular mail. This is pretty simple and I'm hoping to get everything together by the first week of December.

I know a lot of people get in the giving mood around the holidays, and this is something simple and not too elaborate. If you'd like more ideas, check out Brandi's blog.

Please, leave me a comment if you'd like to participate, or email me here: so that I can get you the address you need :]

P.S. You do not need a blogger account to comment, so please participate. I want to flood them with gifts.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

kempers' nursery.

So, I finally got some work done one Kempers' room. Working on and updateing the whole house, has left me feeling a little overwhelmed, which then makes me feel unmotivated. But, today we finally got the art up on the wall in little mans nursery. I want to put family photos up on the wall too, but I'm collecting funky frames to put them in.
So... refer back to this post for the before, his room is upstairs.

So, nothing too elaborate, but I like how open it feels now. The framed art was all made my me, and I bought the tapestry for eight bucks at a consignment shop. That huge (heavy) mirror was left in the house when we moved in, and I thought it might make a fun play area, and I was right. Kemper is obsessed with his reflection, in a cute and not yet conceited way. I'm thinking about also reupholstering the rocking chair, but I've never done it before and haven't found any fabric I like. And I'm going to be looking for some cubes/bookshelf for his toys to be on display and easy to grab.
So... one room down, a million more to go.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

another kemper first: halloween

Happy Halloween all! Like most mormons today, we had our trunk or treat along with a chili potluck. Kemper was an awesome cowardly lion, I even got him to growl at a few people. He does it all the time at home, but when he has an audience, he gets a little shy. He loved wearing his costume, mostly because there was fur for him to chew on. After the activity was over we headed home and I've just been enjoying watching The Witches for the evening. I'm sure he would've liked more trick or treating, but it's pretty cold and it's not like we would be collecting candy. I haven't heard any hooligans outside either, so I won't have to clean up eggs or toilet paper :] Hope everyone had a fun and safe night!

Anastasia(Aunt and SIL) dressed as Sully, I loved rubbing her stuffed pillow belly. I guess that might've been a little weird..

Some of the trunk or treating... All of the kids here are very polite, they all said trick or treat, and then thank you! So cute.

I am the kiiing of the forrrrressssst!

terrorizing the cat.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kemper's first snow.

I guess since I grew up on the east coast, in Maryland, it's still a shock to me that today is the first snow. It's four days before Halloween, and theres a blanket of white stuff on the ground. I feel silly having fall decor up, this feels like the shortest fall ever, I'm not used to snow before December. I shouldn't be surprised, because we live in the mountains, but I still am. But this snow is pretty awesome. Its not slushy, and it isn't melting right away, and its still snowing out. It's supposed to for the next couple days. If Kemper was older, we'd be out building a snowman and making forts and having a snowball fight, but he didn't really seem up for all that.

This morning when I went in to get him up for the day, he was just sitting quietly playing with his stuffed Tigger. And greeted me with a growl and stuck out his tongue. TJ doesn't need to worry about me turing him girly in his absence, I don't think I could if I tried. Then we had breakfast and got our boots, coats and hats on and headed out the door. I was really excited to see how Kemp would react. He had the most serious face I've ever seen the entire time. He didn't cry, or smile. He was just taking it all in, trying to figure out "what the zeppelin" it all was. I don't think he was so sure of what to think of his snow suit either (and when I first put it on him, all I could think of was "I can't put my arms down!!!" from A Christmas Story). He just stared at the white stuff, touched it a little bit and then looked at me as if to say " This is what you got excited about? This cold white stuff? Thats it???" So we headed inside.

Its starting to melt now, but it's still coming down, so maybe there will be more to come.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

photo wink

Heres a sneek peak that we got from our lovely photographer, Jan Schill. She did pictures of me and Kemper for our Christmas pictures. I love her! If any of you are ever in the Durango area, check her out!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 months and some

Kemper turned 6 months on October 2nd. He hasn't gained much weight, but the doctor told me that's pretty normal in breast fed babies and with how active he is. And holy cow is he active. He can get anywhere he wants to now, but he isn't crawling, yet. He kind of throws himself across the room, I think he looks a lot like an inch worm. And he can sit up all by himself. He was excited about it the first time, and now he does it like its nothing.
He's teething, and he's extra cranky because of that, but nothing a little cuddle won't fix (which I love). He growls at people, and won't smile at strangers. And if he does smile, its a quick one before his tongue is sticking out. And it takes a lot to make him laugh.

Other than Kemper stuff, not much has been going on. I haven't felt like doing much since TJ went back, I've just been super unmotivated. I did already have Christmas pictures done, so hopefully I'll actually get those sent out this year. I'm sure once it starts snowing here (which its kind of snowing today...) I'll want to stay inside and get things done. The weather has been so gorgeous I'd rather just be outside. But once it starts getting really cold, and snowing, I'm sure I'll get stuff done. And maybe post updated pictures of the inside of our house.

Here are some pictures which are in no particular order:

Some views from the yard. Thats the top of one of the mountains.

Hopefully he likes this better next year, I love leaf piles!

This is my favorite picture of us so far.

He would much rather chew on the packaging than play with his new toys.

He usually spits all of his dinner on me. must.stop.laughing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey Beautiful

Hey Beautiful is the theme song for How I Met Your Mother, and the band, The Solids, are actually the writers of the show. ANyways, this video makes me giggle like no other, so I'm sharing. Happy Monday. Maybe I'll write a real post this week..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jim and Pam forever!

So, I've pretty much been glued to the TV every Thursday night watching Jim and Pam from The Office.. Do I think its lame I'm so obsessed with these characters? NOT AT ALL. (You should see how I am with How I Met Your Mother).

I've been on Team Jim forever, and at times mad at Pam that they were together and she was with her stupid fiance Roy. Engaged ain't married!*

And I hated when Jim confessed his love and Pam rejected him! And then he left to another office, and I thought about not watching anymore. But he came back and they got together and its just been one big mush-fest since then.

And tonight they're tying the knot! And have a baby on the way! I can't wait. If TJ were here we'd have a pizza and rootbeer and he'd make fun of how excited I am. I miss my "Jim" :]

* I'm not one to break up relationships, I completely respect them. But one day I'll write about how when I met and started dating TJ he had a girlfriend, and also had a ring for her.

Monday, October 5, 2009


... should have a creepy section. Just sayin, people make weird things. Really weird things. I wish I could remember what weird thing inspired me to blog about it.

I keep forgetting everything. I can't find my house keys and I can barely hold a conversation.

Also, I would like everything in this shop. Thank you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bullets and Pictures

Pictures first.

And no, this post isn't about guns, although kinda, since I shot my first one while TJ was home. And it just proves that sometimes I'm an idiot... more on that later in the post. I just figured I'd take the time to put up pictures here from TJ's R&R and add some commentary while Kemper is happily digging thru the diaper bag and using my motrin bottle as a rattle (thats safe right? I mean, the child protective lid is on...)

  • First off, the Hubster's R&R was at the very beginning of September (can you believe its October, sheesh). Everyone had bets on when the next baby will be due, but I made sure to take care of things so that Kemper won't have another sibling until about 3 years from now.... but the practice was fun.
  • The break went by all too fast. We did a lot of shopping and visiting friends. And a lot of eating. And really, that was pretty much it. We did a trip up to Utah to visit everyone friends and family there. TJ's sister is at the U and my sister is at the Y.
  • Having TJ home was amazing. He is such a good daddy, and an amazing husband. This visit just reiterated for me how much we get each other. He is truly my best friend, and I love that we can be goofy and romantic. We can fight and make up and it really is water under the bridge. Thank heaven for healthy relationships!
  • And okay, the gun story: TJ is a gun nut. Well, maybe not a nut, but he grew up with them, it was a normal thing for him. I grew up hearing about people being killed with guns all the time so they've always been kind of an issue with us. But I told TJ I'd like to learn how to use them if they're going to be around. So he tried to teach me... first of all, if I get nervous at all, for any reason, I get really giggly and have a hard time paying attention and just try to be goofy. I don't know why, I just do. So TJ is trying to get me to pay attention (It'd be a good thing to do around a gun don't ya think?) I was just a little freaked out. Anyways, I get the damn thing in my hands, I'm practicing with the safety, I'm holding it right, aiming it... blah blah blah. Then, I shoot it. And for some reason (because like I said, I am an idiot sometimes, a big idiot. IDIOT.) I didn't realize how loud it would be, and I dropped it. Yes... I dropped a gun, right after I shot it. I know... stupid. I know. But nothing happened. Luckily it didn't go off. Needless to say we had a little discussion about that, but its over now... we can move on. And this will most likely be the hobby we don't share.