Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag, your it!

So...Monique tagged me! And I'm excited because now I can blog and put off folding laundry a little longer :]
But...I don't have 8 blogs to tag yet, so....if you want to, fill out the tag!

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Answer the eight"8" items
3. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV Shows:

1. The Office!!!
2. That 70's Show
3. How I Met your Mother
4. Ellen
5. My Name is Earl
6. Top Design
7. Project Runway
8. Sienfeld

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Cleaned the kitchen
2. Boiled eggs
3. Walked Rocky
4. Clocked in four long hours at the shop
5. Laundry
6. Talked to Amanda about planning some girl nights
7. Saw Kemper kick... I can see the kicks through my belly, its weird but so cool at the same time
8. Laid down while TJ cooked dinner :]

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Thanksgiving with Mom and the Neweys!!!
2.  Finally having a dining table, thanks to my wonderful Mom!
3.  Being sealed to my family forever :]
4. Christmas!!!! I love this holiday!
5.  Visiting Maryland and Colorado in December and January.
6.  Living in Durango, CO
7.  Finally meeting my son ( I know I'm only 5 months in but I'm already so excited to meet him!)

8. Learning how to snowboard, better.

8 Favorite Restaurants 
1.  Cantler's (crab shack)
2. Chipotle
3.  TGI Fridays
4.  PF Changs
5. Nano (best sushi!)
6. Serious Texas BBQ
7.  CJ's Diner
8.  and Subway...because I always crave it.

8 Things on my Wish List
1.  To have enough money to decorate for our first Christmas (I know its material things, but...I love the decorations!)
2. That Kemper will be healthy
3. That TJ will be safe when he deploys next March.
4. To get better at taking more pictures
5. Start on a scrapbook
6. Cute maternity clothes
7.  New couches!!!
8. To learn how to snowboard, way better than I already can!! Or at least how to stop without falling.

8 Pet Peeves
1. The stoplights here, they last forever! Which makes a lot of people run the red lights.
2. Campaign commercials, I hate them! And I'm glad I don't have to watch any anymore.
3. People who find it necessary to be mean and call it being honest. I'm honest but I still consider the other persons feelings!
4. Traffic, I hate the traffic here. Basically I hate driving here.
5.  People that talk to my belly...I know they're just as excited as me...but I can't stand it.
6.  People who are rude to waiters.

7.  When the bottom of my pants get wet in the rain...I will roll my pants up so they're highwaters just to avoid it.
8. Parents who don't teach they're children to be respectful and polite so they end up being rude to everyone. ugh.

8 Things you would like to be remembered for:
1. My warm smile :]
2. Being a good Mommy
3. The best wife ever
4. My baked chocolate chip cookies!
5. As a tasteful dresser, not trendy, just good taste.
6. The nicest person someone has ever met.
7. My big heart.
8. Someone people can count on.
**this one took me FOREVER

8 things to ask and tag people about... AHEM!
1.I have no idea what to ask..... :]

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to the real world.

So, we were fortunate enough to go on a Carnival cruise the first week of November! TJ's family invited us along and we couldn't be more grateful! It was so much fun to see them all again, it's hard for us to visit them as often as we would like, us being in North Carolina and everyone in  Colorado. So we spent as much time with the whole gang as we could. He has a huge family compared to my little one( Mom, Dad, my sister and a few scattered relatives here and there), and everyone kept asking if I could handle being part of the Hermesman family, or if I was going to run and hide. It was no biggie, the more the merrier! I loved being right in the middle of all the chaos. :] 
So we started in Miami FL and left from there to spend a day at sea, traveling down to Costa Rica, up to the Bahamas and back to Miami. We had left our house at 2 AM to get to the airport to get to the cruise ship around 12. Then once on the ship we ate and met up with his family and just relaxed and then I fell asleep around 8 that night and didn't wake up once during the night!  The day at sea was the most uncomfortable for me. I've never had motion sickness before, but being pregnant, who knows how things will effect you! The boat was moving right in between being fast enough to not rock and being slow enough to not rock. SO the whole first day was pretty rocky, you just felt everything swaying. So I woke up feeling kind of sick and we went to get breakfast and then some motion sickness pills. I didn't actually get sick until trying to take the pill! I guess trying to swallow it is what did me in. So then I had a haircut appointment! haha, I up to the spa probably looking fairly pale! All the girls had hair appointments the first day so we were all in and out of the salon. It was nice to get pampered! That night was "Elegant Night" and everyone on the boat got dressed up in their best. TJ and I ended up matching, but not the cheesy prom way. It's always fun to get fancy and see how good everyone else looks too! So the next days were spent on different islands. First at Costa Rica, which was gorgeous! I've never seen ocean like that!  We spent the day swimming at the beach and getting sunburnt! The next day was at Half Moon Cay which is part of the Bahamas but an island owned by Carnival. So we spent the whole day in the water there too. I loved it, I've missed the beach weather here so it was awesome to get out in the water again.  The last day was spent at Nassau, the Bahama capital. We spent the day walking around the streets popping in and out of stores. By the end of everyday I was ready for a nap! But there was so much to do, I didn't want to miss anything. 
We really enjoyed being able to get away and relax. We planned to do nothing, we did nothing but relax  and it was great.

Lighthouse at Nassau
Heres a little lighthouse at Nassau. I just thought it was too cute to not take a picture.

Ship, Ashlee, Anastasia
The Cruise Ship Destiny...and a candid shot of Ashlee and Anastasia, two of TJ's sisters.

20 weeks pregnant
This is the 20 week belly. Just big enough to barely barely  fit into my clothes.

Beth and Anastasia
TJ's youngest sister, Anastasia, 8 and I on Elegant Night. They had a show after dinner which is what we're waiting for. Although TJ and I didn't get to see it all because someones Shirley Temple spilled on us :] I was informed that you aren't really a Hermesman until something has been spilled on you! haha!

Cruise Elegant Night
See what I said about matching? I love that suit, he just so handsome :] And lets face it, we both clean up GOOD!

****I'm still learning this whole blog thing so be patient, I'm going to tackle pictures this afternoon.
**I finally figured out the pictures! :]