Thursday, August 27, 2009


Reading everyones post about your kids turning four or five makes me miss nursery* so much! Our ward here has maybe two kids in nursery... maybe four. When I taught nursery, I could have 20 on a Sunday and that would be normal. And I loved it! I loved all the kids so much. And when I lost focus of what was important and decided not to go to church anymore, the hardest part was leaving the kids. And I generally don't regret things, but I do regret that choice. Because of the kiddos.

* for those of you not of the LDS faith, 'nursery' is where the 18 month old kiddos go during sunday school. There's a manual with lessons in it and everything. Typically my lessons were telling the kids something like Jesus loves you! while passing out goldfish :]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pictures pictures pictures

Well, I've been promising them forever, so here they are. Just a bunch of photos of the little price running the household. Wehn I took him in for his 4 month check up a week ago, he weighed 14 lbs and 2 oz. And the doctor told me to go ahead and start him on rice cereal and then after a week I could even try more baby foods that are orange or white (doesn't that seem a bit early?). He rolls over from his back to tummy, and hasn't quite figured out how to keep rolling... which I don't mind :] And he blows spit bubbles constantly.
Now... onto the pictures( which are backwards in order.... sorry):

Oh yeah, Auntie Anne is out to visit :]

And heres one of his first bites! He loved it.

As you know, he's discovered his feet, now he's figured out that he can chew on his toes too.

Kemper loves Holly, ( Great) Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan's dog. He actually loves all dogs, I think because they lick things as much as he does.

Just this past week he has to sleep with his face pressed up against something, with his pascifier (like he's nursing). Its adorable, and he hasn't done it since he was few weeks old (I know... so long ago)

After going on a walk, they both needed a nap :] He's got Grandma wrapped around his little fingers.

He also now likes to chew on this toy and then throw it over...
This is the throw.

the wind up..

and a chew to start it out.

After his first back to tummy roll :]

Kemper's specialty, spit bubbles.

just surfin'

And now he can sit up thanks to his bumbo chair!

The End.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

excited doesn't even begin to describe it...

So... yeah, um:


He gets his 14 day break in two weeks. It was supposed to be in January but something or other happened and it got bumped up. So he'll probably be here the first of September.

That is all. Pictures of Kemper soon.... soonish.

Friday, August 7, 2009

a lame excuse for an update

I've been neglecting my blog. There's plenty to update on but whenever I start on a post, I end up complaining about something or another and I don't want my blog turning into a rant-fest all the time. Plus we've been with out internet for a week or two. And I've kind of liked it.
Anyways, heres few bullets with out pictures... those WILL come soon, I promise!!

  • Moms here! She got her safe and sound, although they made an 80 mile "detour"
  • the house is painted, we're moved in, almost all the boxes are unpacked and we just got internet and cable. Things are moving along
  • our outlets aren't grounded? trying to figure out if its a really serious problem or something that can wait until next pay check...
  • found a basically new crate and barrel table for more than half off at a used furniture store!
  • I think TJ's doing well
  • Kemper has figured out how to roll from his back to his stomach, hes 4 months now, drools constantly and is already spoiled by G.Ma. He also can stand up if holding onto my hands and in a sitting position. I'm sooo not ready for him to start moving everywhere...
More later I promise! I still love you dear readers.

Okay I lied... heres a picture, who has also discovered his feet. His huge long-toed monkey feet.