Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, I'm a terrible blogger. I know this, I apologize to my faithful readers... but this morning I made blueberry muffins, from scratch (instead of the box) and they are amazing. I guess I'm starting to settle into my domesticness. So I got the recipe from Joy the baker (click for recipe).

Heres what her's look like:

And heres how mine turned out:

I could've baked them for longer, but I was too eager to eat them. They are a lot easier than I thought and I think I'll only make these from now on.

Other news, my brother in law, Nikita graduated high school Friday and had a party today. I'm made a "better than sex" cake per request of my mother in law and thats easy to make too. As far as being better than sex, I'll let you all be the judge, but my vote is no ;]

Better than Sex cake:

Devils Food cake mix
Cool Whip
Crushed Heath bars
Caramel topping
Condensed Sweetened Milk

-Bake the cake according to the directions on the box, no change for high altitude.
-Cool on a wire rack for about five minutes, then cut like you're cutting pieces to serve, just not all the way thru.
-Heat about six ounces of the carmel with the condensed sweetened milk. Pour all over the cut sliced cake so that its absorbed.
-Then sprinkle a ton of the crushed heath bars (walmart sells it in a bag next to the choc. chips) on top of the cake as well.
-Let cool all the way and then cover with cool whip.

-Let cool on a

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