Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our guest room

So we are fortunate enough to have a guest room in our home. And a loft too. The guest room and Kemper's are both in our basement. The only thing that isn't great about the guest room is there is only a tiny window, so not much natural sunlight comes in. And the lights in there are really strong fluorescents, which I'm not a fan of. So I'm trying to make it has bright and welcoming as possible. We really need to repaint, but that'll be later this summer. So here's what I've managed so far:

Both the paintings are by me, I'm trying to get back into painting and wanted to just make something quick and easy.

Once we paint the room a new color (probably a blue) I also want to get a few more lamps so that there is more than just the one in the corner, and the overhead fluorescents.

The only think that I've bought specifically for this room are the blue pillow cases. And they were .25 cents for both. Everything else I've already had in the house.

So definitly still a work in progress, and as you can see I'm still a novice decorator and artist, but I wanted to put something I've done on the blog so.. there ya go.


trudy said...

I t makes me smile!!! What a welcoming room you have created. We will want to stay longer when we come to visit!!! lol

Caitlin said...

hooray!!! I love it. Way to go, woman. I still feel like a novice too! You've gotta start somewhere :)