Sunday, September 9, 2012


I love these boys!

-Kemper is pretty much potty trained, yay! He only has accidents when we're with friends, so right now he is working on going two weeks with out any accidents and he earns a garbage truck. Yep, thats what he asked to work towards. Whatever, I'll go with it. I'm also working on chores with him everyday. I can't believe how fast he is growing.
-Porter is sleeping and eating great. Oh and pooping. I cut out dairy and it seems to be helping out a lot. He's not as fussy and he's not power puking like he was before, so win.
-Other than that, life is pretty uneventful and I'm fine with that. The weather is starting to cool down and I love that, I'm so ready for fall. Then the holidays and the craziness begins, but I'm looking forward to that too. 

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Danielle said...

Sooooo ready for Fall over here! The summer has been too hot for us Oregonians - we're not used to it! ;)