Sunday, September 2, 2012

hello again

So, after not blogging for a little over a year I feel its time to pick it up again. I haven't really missed it, but I want to keep updates on the boys for everyone to read. I know he world needs another mommy blog, right?

Anyways, here it goes:

-Porter Ryan Hermesman was born on July 11th, 6:54 pm weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long. My due date was July 22, but my water broke unexpectedly just before midnight on the 10th. So we went in to the hospital, my contractions weren't doing much so they induced me around noon. I got the epidural around 4 or 5. And then he was born after pushing through two contractions. He shares a birthday with my sister Anne, and my friend Serena's son Elijah who was born the same day, in the room next door!
 Around 2 weeks old he was getting pretty fussy and I decided when he was a month old that i should try giving up dairy and caffeine.  From everything I read that seemed to be what the problem might be and I have to say he's much happier and easy going, more like Kemper was. He's growing really fast, too fast. And I have yet to make his birth announcements, but I took some cute pictures for it so they'll be done soon.

-Kemper has taken well to his role as a big brother. For the most part he helps out. He's pretty much potty trained now, although he still has accidents.  He loves to be loud and jump off the furniture which drives me crazy. But he's also been even more of a sweetheart, snuggling and saying I love you more. So I'll take it. I just can't believe how fast he is growing, I can't keep up!

- I have joined a MOPS group here in Durango and it's been great. I've made some good friends and this year I'll be in charge of the crafts for each month. I'm doing that and I'm still in the Young Womens group at church and trying to keep Kemper going to lots of playdates and a co-op preschool once a week. Being busy is good right?

-TJ has been a huge help, and I'm loving having him around to help with Porter. In case anyone doesn't know, when Kemper was born TJ deployed 2 weeks later, and came back when he was 13 months old. He's in school working on an associates and then he'll get a bachelors in Business. He's been busier than ever with work, but we still find time to play too. He's going to be a groomsman in his best friend from the Marines wedding this winter, and I'll be the maid of honor in my sisters wedding. The two weddings are right after the holidays and 2 weeks apart and we're so happy to be apart of them!

I'm sure there's plenty more to update on but this is starting to sound too much like a Christmas letter and I'm too tired to check for mistakes or to see if any of it even makes sense. Thanks for reading?

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Danielle said...

Haha, I do love catching up with you via your blog ;) Hopefully you find time to post every once in a while before another year passes you by ;) And as I was reading your post, I was getting the deja vu sense of Christmas time... so you were right on the money with that! Heehee - that's okay though - loved hearing that everything is going well for you guys!