Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mountain living

So a couple weekends ago now, we went on a jeeping trip with some people from our church. And I should use jeep lightly as there were only two actual jeeps. The rest of us had 4 wheelers and side-by-sides and trucks. We were in TJ's truck which did awesomely on the trails. For most of the way going up it was an easy ride and then the trail started getting smaller and the elevation higher so it was a little nerve-wracking to me, but I'm alive! Kemper loved it, and loved being able to play when we stopped at a little old mine. We were all around the town of Silverton and Ouray which were both mining towns and there are a lot of old mine buildings left. Anyways, here are a few pictures from my phone.

This is how he smiles now...

We kept going higher after this, my phone just died and I had no camera.

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